Hi, I'm Michelle Dixon.

I help you learn how to experience peace, joy, and self-love, and to believe in your potential, so that you can create the life you desire.

Explore my membership program for less than the cost of buying a cup of coffee every day.

I wasn't always this happy or at peace.

Certainly not when I had panic attacks every single morning for 6 months, or pain, or digestive issues, struggling with poverty and unhealthy relationships. My mindfulness practice saved me, and now NOTHING rocks me for long, because I have the tools and the connection to be at peace. I have all the daily hacks to maximize my potential and help you find yours!


Recovering from my personal suffering and supporting hundreds of clients do the same over the past decade has helped me understand that what is needed are practices and processes which anyone can do easily, from home, at their own pace.

Michelle Dixon, Trauma Specialist & Mindfulness Teacher

I have experienced symptoms of trauma which brought me to my knees, and I have also gone beyond healing into an experience of peace that pervades all that I am and all that I do. I offer you a roadmap to release trauma from the body, rewire the mind, and align you with the part of you that is Whole (some call this the Soul).

Powerful tools and resources at your fingertips

Whether you prefer to dive into your own healing from home, supported by a virtual community or alone, or whether you cannot afford 1-1 therapy, my offerings are simple, easy and transformational complementary therapies you can do on your own to relieve your suffering and experience deeper peace.


You might be a lurker, preferring to watch rather than communicate with others, and that's okay! In my program, you have an opportunity to take part in the group healing energy regardless. This is a community you can be part of for sharing, healing, or just to experience that you are not alone in suffering nor in healing and awakening.


I know THIS.

The only way to really experience that past suffering or trauma no longer affects you is to align with your Wholeness, so that you ARE peace, and you know yourself as that. 


I would love to support you on your journey through body-based healing, mind-based healing, and soul alignment using my expertise in a unique and powerful way.

Body-based healing

I had my start as a practitioner studying Shamanic body de-armouring and energy healing, and then went on to gain qualifications in myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, and biodynamic cranial touch. As a result, I understand intimately how the body stores and releases trauma, and how to do so safely for those with trauma backgrounds.

Mind-based changework

As a qualified hypnotherapist and with qualifications in life and relationship coaching, and neurolinguistic processes, I am a big believer that the mind can be rewired. In particular, I use processes to drop the shame stories, to replace the inner critic with the inner ally, and to stop negative thought spirals and align with a positive vision for the future.

Soul Alignment

As a mindfulness teacher, I have created my own signature methodology called 6 Core Practices for Peace. I use these 6 practices to help you drop an identity with the Victim or the Sufferer, to become the Wisdom that you are. The practices are: presence, working with sensation and emotion, release false stories of inadequacy/lack, working with triggers, forgiveness and gratitude.

You are stronger with a community.

I can't wait to welcome you into our community of thrivors! It's time to learn the skills for healing trauma holistically, and transform your life. You can be MORE than a survivor.

"I am a survivor of childhood and abuse. My sadness led me to edge of 3 suicide attempts in my adult life, all of those wanting to extinguish the pain after each of the new trauma events. Michelle's nurturing nature and her approach to treating the person as a whole is what is helping me recover and grow. Her connected work at all levels has helped me leave the trauma in the past, and strive for a better future. She has helped me overcome the hurdles of being stuck in a victim mindset. I am now a true believer that the body holds trauma, and without awareness and assistance, the trauma keeps surfacing to either be ignored or addressed.""




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