Hi, I'm Michelle Dixon, a body therapist and trauma release expert. You can reduce your symptoms and feel better faster with my Everyday healing: Releasing Trauma from the Body. In this program, I guide you to create a powerful daily body-based practice to help you let go of the past, relieve emotional pain and/or symptoms of trauma, and restore peace and hope.

It's time to think differently about healing past trauma.

We know from Stephen Porges that the vagus nerve is crucial in how we respond to past trauma and emotional pain.
We know from Gabor Maté that unresolved childhood trauma leads to destructive behaviours and suffering in adulthood.
We know from advances in psychology that somatic approaches to therapy are the most effective - that is, engaging with the body's felt sense of emotion.
But how can we put theory into practice, and work with our bodies to release, restore, and come back to balance? For all of the knowledge that exists on the topic, what can you actually DO to heal?
I have created a solution with my practical, short and effective program, Everyday Healing: Releasing Trauma from the Body.
I often refer to my approach as 'everyday healing' because emotional healing practices, like good nutrition and fitness, should be a way of life.
In this program, you learn how to work with the body daily, with a powerful yet easy, step by step approach!
By the end, you will have created your own unique routine for as little as 15 minutes a day. You will have the skills to settle your nervous system, release your emotional pain and memories.
Start feeling better now, so that you can create a life you LOVE! 

Powerful, short, achievable. 1.5 hours of video guidance to create your perfect 15 minute daily healing practice.

In my decade of experience with clients, I can tell you that it's what you do outside your sessions that counts most in the long term. Working with your emotional experience in life is a daily practice and a lifetime journey. BUT, it can be as easy as introducing a few simple practices that become a habit!

By the end of this program you will:


Know how to settle your nervous system so that your body feels safe, and you can experience peace. 


Understand the language of your body, so that you can hear what it is communicating to you, and take the right action to feel better faster.




Be regularly engaging in your unique daily practice, for just 15 minutes a day, working with your body to release emotion and memory and restore peace.


What's in the Program

You get the body-based healing program (to create a daily practice) plus 3 bonuses to support your healing.

1. The step by step practice

1 hour 20 minutes of inspiring and informative videos explaining the processes and theories, including a short chat with a naturopathic nutritionist. All to help you create a powerful 15 minute daily practice of processes working with your body for emotional healing.

2. BONUS: Additional Processes & Practices for Emotional Healing

1 hour 35 minutes of additional training and practice in body-based healing. From releasing emotional from the body with acupressure to sound healing.

3. BONUS: Interviews with expert bodyworkers on trauma healing

1 hour 20 minutes of videos interviews with practitioners who share both their modalities and experiences with healing through the body. 

4. BONUS: Urgent Protocols. 

30 minutes of theory and 15 minutes of guided practice with 5 powerful practices for when you most urgently need relief - if you're panicking, in crisis or need to get settled fast. 

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

You might have found me via Pinterest, or Instagram, or my website, but this community is my happy place. I started it for all of YOU! Like you, my life has undergone big changes in the past year, with pandemic, lockdown, and the fast rise in mental heatlh issues. When I could no longer offer my bodywork services in person, I recognized quickly that we had a crisis on our hands, with trauma-affected people unable to access effective healing through the body. So I created something that empowers you to do some healing in your own time!


To me, your relief from emotional pain is personal. You’re not in this alone.

One of the most profound revelations I had after my divorce, in the midst of breakdown, was how much emotional pain and trauma was stored in my body. I was lying on a table experiencing touch at certain acupressure points, and my body moved on its own. Memories arose, followed by tears, and then whoosh, there was a feeling of huge release. I have released so much held pain in my body since then, and that's why I became a bodyworker and trauma release specialist. Now, with Zoom clients all over the world, I use a variety of body based tools to help my clients feel more deeply into their bodies and let go of what holds them back. We all need a daily practice though, and that's where this program fits in. 

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Thanks to Michelle, I’ve learned how to actually heal my trauma, not just to theorize about it. From her, I’ve learned that the body remembers everything, and that I need to address the trauma stored in my body in order to fully heal.

-Inés Ramos


She has a tested and trialed method that helps confusion become clear and life a lot easier. I finally have time to relax. Healing isn't linear but the skills you will learn you have forever.

-Anonymous male in his 20s 


Michelle is a gentle, caring, empathetic and powerful facilitator and healer. I have been working with her for a couple of years now and she has gently guided me to excellent results, not only on physical and emotional level. She has a very unique approach that makes me feel safe and confident. She has the gift to help others from a place of love, understanding and clarity. Thank you so much for sharing your Light with the world! I love working with you and seeing and living great results!

-Claudia Boymouchakian

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