The holidays are coming ...

Are you emotionally prepared? No? I thought so. Don't worry, I've got you covered. Join the emotional detox!


Hi everyone, I'm Michelle Dixon, a trauma specialist and mindfulness teacher.

This December, I'm offering you a program and community for support and coping skills, to get you through the tricky end of year madness. Let's detox emotionally, set healthy boundaries around toxic people and situations, find new joy, and be ready to reach your goals for 2021.

Who's in?

Let's face it. When you're recovering from any sort of intense emotional suffering (like trauma, divorce, breakdown, grief), the holidays carry a whole lot more stuff than even Santa's sleigh.

Not fun stuff. Triggers. Past pain. Loneliness. Fear for the future. Dysfunctional family patterns comes to life and ouch, you'd rather NOT go there again.

My Emotional Detox Online Retreat is a free guided mini-course (with it's own app) and an online community, with regular live trainings as well as inspiration, love and support. 

This year, I'm supporting you to:

  • Clear your space from toxic emotions / negativity;

  • Clear your body from held emotion, memory and trauma;

  • Confidently create strong boundaries around toxic people;

  • Master simple mindfulness techniques to cope with triggers and return to peace quickly;

  • Establish new rituals and traditions which celebrate YOU, reducing shame and quieting that annoying inner critic!

Here's what you get

The Mini-Course hosted on Kajabi. 

You can even get the free Kajabi app for your phone and take this course everywhere! The modules include:

  • clearing your space

  • detoxing your body emotionally and setting boundaries with toxic people

  • working with mindfulness for triggers

  • creating new traditions.

Community Group in a Closed Facebook Group. 

A private community in a closed Facebook group for mutual support, learning and inspiration.

  • I will be sharing with you (going live) guidance, practices and processes nearly daily (which can be easily found in the 'courses' tab of the group);

  • Live conversations with expert contributors on all matters related to the topics in the mini-course above;

  • Fun and practical processes we do together as a group to clear, to remove toxicity, to set boundaries, tap into peace, and much more

  • Some practical guidance and processes to get our intentions and goals set powerfully for 2021;

Be sure to check your email for a link to join the Facebook group!

I can't wait to meet you! 

Join the community and together, let's get you through the holidays relatively sane and definitely loved up!

We officially kick off on December 10th.

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Some Client Testimonials

Claudia Boymouchakian

Michelle is a gentle, caring, empathetic and powerful facilitator and healer. I have been working with her for a couple of years now and she has gently guided me to excellent results, not only on physical and emotional level. She has a very unique approach and connects with Energy in such a wonderful way that makes me feel safe and confident. She has the gift to help others from a place of love, understanding and clarity. Thank you so much for sharing your Light with the world! I love working with you and seeing and living great results!

Arishma Singh

I have had individual sessions, couples coaching plus group workshops (retreat) with Michelle over the last 7 years. When I first met Michelle I was hanging onto an old relationship and was unhappy and shut down in my body. She really helped me develop a healthy relationship with myself. Michelle is gifted in dissecting core relationship challenges in a clear and articulate manner. I always felt supported and understood and she helped me change my pattern of how I used to do relationships. In one session, using NLP and hypnotherapy, she helped me create a heart connection and intention to connect with the man who would become my future partner. It also helped me finally let go of past relationships. Since then, she has helped me navigate my relationship with myself and also with my partner, including the first stumbling blocks in my relationship. She did it in a way that helped me stay in my power and communicate well. I’ve been in a relationship with this man for five years now, and we are getting married next year! I highly recommend working with Michelle and I continue to be in touch with her.

More about me

I'm a trauma specialist and mindfulness teacher, and I came to this work in order to heal my own childhood wounds, although my mission has grown considerably in the past decade!

My Story

I suffered abandonment trauma as a young child which fundamentally altered how I valued myself and what love meant to me. In adulthood, this legacy led me into emotionally abusive relationships, and eventually led to some pretty horrible breakdowns (yes, plural). 

My interest in trauma was really piqued when as a doctoral student, I spent several months doing research in a settlement camp in Ukraine. I was overwhelmed by the prevalence of suffering, from forced migration, disease and extreme poverty. The intergenerational patterns of trauma that I witnessed opened my eyes to how when systems and society fails us, we must learn how to take back our power ourselves.

My Training

I understood a lot of the WHY from my training, which includes five different kinds of trauma-release bodywork modalities, as well as hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming.

Not to mention, I tried numerous different kinds of therapies for myself, many of which helped tremendously, but not fully.

The thing was, I knew there could be more: joy, peace, manifesting my deepest, most heartfelt desires.

There was a missing piece.

It was only when I combined trauma recovery processes from my practitioner training with specific mindfulness practices which became a daily part of my experience that I was able to go beyond healing into deep peace.

That is how I developed, then refined, my signature methodology: the 3 Rs: release emotion from the body; rewire the mind for a growth mindset; realign with Wholeness (finding the part of you that is already Whole and putting back together that fractured self).

Welcome to my world and I hope to see more of you soon!

- Michelle Dixon, Ph.D. xx

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