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I understand that joining an online program is an investment, of time, money, and of yourself. It's also quite a vulnerable step to take, to commit to something which touches on past or present trauma. Wow, I'm so proud of you for even considering it.

(Because I was once in your shoes, and on more than one occasion I have definitely run from having to confront my past!) 

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I've included some excerpts of the program below too! 

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It's normal to feel uncomfortable sharing your most troubling times with others.

In Feel Better Now, you don't have to!



The transformation from being part of something, being in that space, is enormous. You can participate in both the online course as well as the support group (private community) as a silent spectator, and you STILL benefit. 

Go on. Have a sneak peak.

Here's a sneak peak inside some modules, including excerpts from expert contributors.


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Inés Ramos

Feel Better Now is really helping me heal. I love that it focuses on all levels: body, mind and soul, leaving nothing behind. It’s full of information and tips on how to overcome trauma and the victim mindset, but it also tells you exactly WHAT to do in order to achieve it. It’s a very practical course, and it doesn’t feel boring or tedious (like other courses I’ve taken). Doing the exercises feels exciting and liberating. I’ve been on the program for less than a month, and I’m already seeing the results. With Michelle, I always feel at peace, and for the first time in my life I truly believe I can overcome my past and stop suffering from it.

Anonymous Male in his 20s

Michelle has a test and trialed method that helps confusion become clear and life a lot easier. I finally have time to relax. Healing isn't linear but the skills you will learn from Feel Better Now you have forever.

[This client asked that I not use his name or image due to the nature of his trauma. Please note that I always respect these requests].