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You've survived.

Now it's time to thrive.

What if you could unlock the success, relationship or peace you long for by doing deeper emotional healing work?

Feel Better Now is an online program which enables you to heal from past pain and learn new ways of thinking and being on a day-to-day basis, so that you can remove what's blocking you, and live your purpose with peace and joy.

After years of suffering in that difficult relationship or finally coming to terms with what happened during your childhood, it’s easy to feel like a joyful life is just not going to happen for you.

That’s what the trauma and pain taught you - that joy is not possible and a successful life (on your terms) is out of reach. But the trauma was wrong and you are not alone.

There’s a growing movement of survivors who are ready to demand more, start being happy, face and understand what happened and why, to grow, and finally start living. 

Join the movement with me — I’ve been where you are and I made it to the other side!

If you’re like me, then you may have tried other approaches, read books, Google searched for a specialist … and you found nothing and no one that felt quite right.

It’s okay.

Learning to heal and experience self-love and self-worth requires daily practices - and there isn't a program that offers you this systematically - until now.

Let's create this new reality for you together!

In Feel Better Now, I support you to learn new ways of thinking and behaviours on a day-to-day basis, helping you overcome past trauma and emotional pain, so that you can live your purpose and have the success and peace you crave, without needing to hustle, become discouraged by mindset practices which don’t work for you, or spend thousands on therapy.

Nice to meet you!

I'm Michelle Dixon.

I'm a trauma specialist and mindfulness teacher, and I came to this work in order to heal my own childhood wounds, through a quite unexpected journey. You can watch the video to learn more.


This program uses my signature methodology.

Feel Better Now works through a series of processes and practices to shift you from suffering to peace in this way:

  • Release the body of held trauma (emotion and memory) by exploring movement, breath, specific body awareness processes and more;
  • Rewire the mind to shift from shame and negative thinking into a growth mindset; 
  • Realign with the part of you that is already Whole and piece back together that fractured self which resulted from emotional pain and trauma.

For me, this has meant that I am finally able to embody my inner Heroine and have the life I always dreamed of.

I live my best life, with a wonderful, healthy relationship and a thriving family.

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the past decade, I can now say with absolute certainty that the deepest and most long-lasting healing comes from doing daily practices which achieve the 3 Rs: release, rewire, and realign.

Online Therapy Program for Self-Care 165 hours of the week.

I can imagine that the notion of online healing services might seem new as a concept, but let me reassure you that my focus in this program is to support you through all those times in the day and week when you are NOT in session with a therapist! That can be as much as 165 hours of the week, when you most need additional support.

In fact, in my experience, it's this time that is MOST overlooked but which holds the most potential for you to heal. I always support my clients to have 'a practice' or 'process' they can DO in between our sessions, for when they are:

  • needing urgent support (panic attacks, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, etc.);
  • having to 'get on with' work or life when feeling depressed, distressed, or distracted by their emotional pain;
  • desiring to release and rewire as much as possible in their own time, so that they can heal faster and feel the positive benefits sooner.

You might think of Feel Better Now as a self-care program. However I am always reachable by email for support!


Here is how your journey will unfold with the new tools I give you.


Step 1

Healing through the body

Your body (muscles, tissues, nervous system) holds onto trauma. This series of mini-trainings assists you to release trauma from your body safely - and that means taking into account a nervous system that holds trauma. Movement practices, bodywork suggestions plus an interview with a nutritionist and naturopath on nutrients, supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies to support you!

Step 2

Healing through the mind

When healing trauma, it is vital to develop the skills to CHANGE your mind and create a powerful foundation of gratitude, peace, and joy. This collection of short videos teaches you how to silence the inner critic, end the shame, develop self-compassion, and transform spiralling negative thoughts into positive thoughts ... step by step!

Step 3

Integration with your Wholeness

Cultivate your connection to the part of your being which remembers peace, however you conceive of it, whether that's Source or a body-memory of full health. We do this through processes and practices that help you locate and align with the part of you that never suffered. From neurolinguistic programming timeline work to mindfulness practices, this is the most powerful key to unlocking inner peace.


Urgent Strategies for Help

Never suffer alone without support when you MOST need it! This program has easy-to-access mini-videos guiding you through specific practices for when you urgently need help. Practice include (for example) how to breathe during panic attacks (not deeply!), how to release emotion or anxiety through moving, how to become the Witness and more.

Ready to feel better now?


Expert Support in the Program



Here's What You'll Get in the Program


  • A structured mind-body-spirit healing program that will take a minimum of 3 months to complete;
  • A dedicated "Urgent Protocols" section for help when you most need it;
  • Loads of expert interviews chock full of insight into trauma healing and emotional suffering, as well as practical guidance informed by the experts' specialties - plus their special offers for members only;
  • Periodic new material in the portal, be it new interviews or new expert offers, or new processes / practical guidance;
  • 12 months access to the online portal (with an option to keep going as a member for a low monthly price after);
  • A private community of support and sharing, with some ocassional lives and resources shared with you.

Pricing Options

Lifetime access

AUD $288

All payments processed by Stripe, 100% secure and your information is not saved.


  • Lifetime access;
  • 5 Modules;
  • Available on app from App store, anytime, anywhere;
  • Private online community for support and connection with added material.


Learn More & Join!

Feel Better Now Case Study - Inés Ramos

I’m a childhood trauma survivor in my 30s and I suffer from C-PTSD. For the past 15 years, I’ve read countless self-help books and gone to long-term therapy several times to try and heal from my past. The therapy and books helped. But they weren’t enough. No matter how much I tried to rationalize the trauma, talk about it, work with my negative belief patterns,etc… I always knew there was something missing. Something else I had to do that was not being addressed. I kept feeling on edge, always watching out for danger, and suffering from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, flashbacks… I didn’t know what else to do.

Now I know! Thanks to Michelle, I’ve learned how to actually heal my trauma, not just to theorize about it. From her, I’ve learned that the body remembers everything, and that I need to address the trauma stored in my body in order to fully heal. Before meeting her, I had only done mind work and never paid attention to my body. Always assumed that if my mind was healing, my body should automatically feel fine (how wrong I was!). I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting over my past or why I kept feeling on edge and unsafe. Turns out I was too “in my head”. Michelle has introduced me to TRE and many other techniques that heal the body, and that is helping me release all the tension and fear accumulated through decades of abuse. I feel like I’m finally “calming the beast”. And it feels amazing! It’s a process that takes time, but I am forever grateful to Michelle.

Feel Better Now is really helping me heal. I love that it focuses on all levels: body, mind and soul, leaving nothing behind. It’s full of information and tips on how to overcome trauma and the victim mindset, but it also tells you exactly WHAT to do in order to achieve it. It’s a very practical course, and it doesn’t feel boring or tedious (like other courses I’ve taken). Doing the exercises feels exciting and liberating. I’ve been on the program for less than a month, and I’m already seeing the results. With Michelle, I always feel at peace, and for the first time in my life I truly believe I can overcome my past and stop suffering from it. 

[Update: Ines has now started thinking about how she can help others who were victims of abuse, and she wrote me recently: She's helped me find my purpose, from victimhood to healer; I am now ready to help others heal. I am so excited for her!]

Participant Testimonial - Anonymous

[Please note, due to the nature of trauma, some of my clients and participants do not wish to be cited by name or photograph. I always respect their wishes even though I know that it requires extra trust on the part of you all reading these anonymous testimonials!]

I'm a Male in my 20s. I have seen specialists and life coaches who had given me sound advice but I couldn't connect and it never helped me escape my negative spiral.

I was desperate and frustrated with not being able to solve my issues which just made it worse. Michelle understood and listened like no one has before. Through her practices and processes in this program, she helped me cultivate my own self compassion and gain awareness.

She has a tested and trialed method that helps confusion become clear and life a lot easier. I finally have time to relax. Healing isn't linear but the skills you will learn from Feel Better Now you have forever.

~ C. D.

Dear Michelle,

I can not express enough how much hope you and your program has given me thus far. So many different options, tools and variations of beliefs that have resonated with me like no other counseling session has.

I know I have a long way to go, but I’m at least in a better place than I was the past 5 years and actually give a shit enough to try and heal as best I can.

I have a chance at finding and feeling peace and happiness for once in my life. Thank you for all of the amazing information you have provided in the program, and the people you interview are just as brilliant and lovely as you are. Just fascinating.

Thanks again Michelle ❤️

My Refund policy

I would be so sad to see you take these vital steps towards your healing only to go! However, I understand that these things happen and I want to support you as much as possible.

You can receive a full refund and discontinue monthly payments if you request it within 30 days of purchase.

There are some conditions, however, I can guarantee you that you are entitled to this refund as long as you send me a few bits of information. For more info, see my terms & conditions --> click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions I'm often asked about participating in Feel Better Now.


More Q&As + a Sneak Preview Inside the Program!

Sneak Preview Inside the Program!


Here's how people describe working with my signature methodology


Claudia Boymouchakian

Michelle is a gentle, caring, empathetic and powerful facilitator and healer. I have been working with her for a couple of years now and she has gently guided me to excellent results, not only on physical and emotional level. She has a very unique approach and connects with Energy in such a wonderful way that makes me feel safe and confident. She has the gift to help others from a place of love, understanding and clarity. Thank you so much for sharing your Light with the world! I love working with you and seeing and living great results!

Arishma Singh,
Founder Thrive with EFT

I have had individual sessions, couples coaching plus group workshops (retreat) with Michelle over the last 7 years. When I first met Michelle I was hanging onto an old relationship and was unhappy and shut down in my body. She really helped me develop a healthy relationship with myself. Michelle is gifted in dissecting core relationship challenges in a clear and articulate manner. I always felt supported and understood and she helped me change my pattern of how I used to do relationships. In one session, using NLP and hypnotherapy, she helped me create a heart connection and intention to connect with the man who would become my future partner. It also helped me finally let go of past relationships. Since then, she has helped me navigate my relationship with myself and also with my partner, including the first stumbling blocks in my relationship. She did it in a way that helped me stay in my power and communicate well. I’ve been in a relationship with this man for five years now, and we are getting married next year! I highly recommend working with Michelle and I continue to be in touch with her.


I am a male in my 40's and I am a survivor of childhood abuse. My sadness led me to edge of 3 suicide attempts in my adult life, all of those wanting to extinguish the pain after each of the new trauma events. Michelle's nurturing nature and her approach to treating the person as a whole is what is helping me recover and grow. Her connected work at all levels has helped me leave the trauma in the past, and strive for a better future. She has helped me overcome the hurdles of being stuck in a victim mindset. I am now a true believer that the body holds trauma, and without awareness and assistance, the trauma keeps surfacing to either be ignored or addressed.

Ready to feel better now?

In this community, we are more than survivors. We are thrivors! We believe in our potential to live a full and meaningful life, and experience peace. We come together to lift each other up, whether you go at it alone, or you actively join the community discussion (it's 100% up to you). 

I'm ready to join!
Medical Disclaimer
Feel Better Now is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric advice and should not be relied on as health advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition. Feel Better Now and its creator, Michelle Dixon, also make no claims to cure any symptoms of trauma or trauma itself. Testimonials reflect the unique experience and results of the individual providing the testimony, and do not represent a guarantee of similar results.It is a complementary support program and results vary widely.  For my full medical disclaimer, please see my link below at the bottom of this page.

More Q&As + a Sneak Preview Inside the Program!

Sneak Preview Inside the Program!
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