AUD $137 for 1 hour session

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Trauma Healing Session & Coaching

Trauma sessions healing & coaching: Rebuild your life and self, brick by brick (Zoom or In person)

What this session is good for: You are ready to sit with emotional pain, explore it, and together navigate healing (releasing and restoring your sense of self) and creating a life that brings you joy. You may not have really delved into your past/present trauma, and you may not know where to start or how. 

What we do:.

These sessions are looser and less focused then some of my other sessions, because the purpose is to be guided by where you’re at as your self-awareness, healing, and vision evolve.

You are the co-creator of our sessions, so how we proceed is always done with your agreement. We might:

  • Identify the source of your emotional pain;
  • Gain an understanding of what happened from different perspectives;
  • Learn how events and circumstances affected you and your body/nervous system/personality; 
  • Consider the role of family patterns including intergenerational patterns if relevant;
  • Discover how your body, mind, and spirit uniquely experience pain, and uniquely experience growth and healing, in order to facilitate that directly;
  • Create a plan for practices or processes that we do either together or you do in your own time which can support your healing;
  • We will always keep in mind what vision you have for yourself and your life, so that we have a compass to navigate towards peace and fulfilment, and not just away from pain.
  • You share as much or as little as you like at your discretion.

Outcome: Deeper self-awareness, greater self-acceptance, a sense of direction in terms of your healing journey (and healthy expectations). Over time, these sessions can also give you a renewed feeling of hope and desire to create a life that fulfills you.

  • Please note, after you pay you will receive an email with a calendar booking link. Let me know if you have any questions here: [email protected]